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My Bio

An obsessed Herbie the Love Bug fan since 1984, Phil Smith's best known in the Herbie community for being able to do spot-on impressions of characters from the Herbie franchise as well as being the producer of the very first series of Herbie, the Love Bug movie soundtracks! Those interested in obtaining copies can contact Phil directly here!

A graduate of Shippensburg University, Phil was previously employed as a Traffic Producer/Reporter in Las Vegas, Nevada and a Television Moderator/Recruiter for CBS Television City at the MGM Grand. Currently, Phil works as a Tour Reservationist for the Grand Canyon Tour Company in Las Vegas.  He's very proud to have been keeping up with all things Herbie related through the last 30 years and always enjoys hearing from and meeting new fans! He still hopes one day to become a professional voice-over actor or film actor.

A former DJ for his university's radio station 88.7 FM WSYC, Phil is also known as "Mr. Mix".

"How can I move, when you've stopped the music?"-Me.

My Occupation

Reservationist, Grand Canyon Tour Company Las Vegas, NV

My Hobbies

Movies, music, Internet, Herbie the Love Bug, The Who, It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Queen, the 80s, audio/video editing.

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